Custom Glass Bottle Mold Faqs

Do I own the moulds and designs of my custom bottle?

The client is the owner of the mould and as part of our terms of service we cannot use the mould for any other customers. Clients are at liberty to “port” the mould to any other factory, or take it back after completion of the production, if they wish to do so.

What is the difference between sample bottle mould and mass production bottle mould?

A sample mould can be used as a phase of a client’s bottle-development process. It is a cost effective way for a client to review their design and make adjustments to it before committing to full production. A sample mould is only good for about 5-10 sample pieces.

A production mould is fabricated only when the final design has been confirmed. This is a full-set of production moulds, and depending on the size of the bank, good for around 500,000 pieces. In the event that a mass production moulds expires, either during or after its design-life, Hualian Glass Bottle will replace it free of charge.

Should I proceed with a sample mould or a production mould?

Making a sample mould - an additional cost of $1,200 and 35 days lead-time -enables a client to look and feel their bottle in real life. In the event that a client is simply migrating their production to China and they are already familiar and comfortable with their design, there is perhaps no need to go through the sampling process. Advancing directly to production mould saves the fee and the 35 days lead time required to produce a sample mould.

In the event that a client is undergoing a new development, they usually elect to go through the sampling process before making the commitment to a full set of production moulds.5-10 fully decorated samples can be produced for review or even marketing purposes. Alterations can then be made to the design before production mould fabricated is commissioned.

It is very difficult to make adjustments to a full production mould set once they have been produced.

The cost of a full-production mould set (for a typical 700/750ml bottle) is as follows: -

In flint, MOQ 100,000 pieces:$4,800

In extra-flint, MOQ 25,000 pieces: $3,500