Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility is to help our customers get more profits through excellent service, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Hualian Glass design provides package and product design.


We know that great design is a highly effective way to build a brand. Beyond increasing brand revenues, effective design can also reduce costs and improve productivity. With Hualian Bottle's Glass design, innovating and elevating your brand and packaging has never been more efficient or more affordable.

Packaging and display are an incredibly important part of marketing. Make sure your products stand out from the crowd by creating your own custom packaging with the bottle, jar, and packaging design and manufacturing experts at Hualian Bottle.


No matter what food or drink you want to package – be it jam, mineral water, wine or beer – Hualian Bottle offers around 1,800 different glass packaging designs, standard or customised, for your delicious products. Thanks to its shape, colour and choice of finish, glass makes a product unique and unmistakable.
The glass bottle design determines whether the outer appearance of a product is stylish, distinctive and harmonious, while the consumer later judges the taste of the content.